The Inter-Agency Coordination Group against Trafficking in Persons (ICAT)

ICAT is a policy forum mandated by the UN General Assembly to improve coordination among UN agencies and other relevant international organizations to facilitate a holistic and comprehensive approach to preventing and combating trafficking in persons, including protection and support for victims of trafficking.

ICAT functions are: To provide a platform for exchange of information, experiences and good practices on anti-trafficking activities; to support the activities of the UN and other international organizations with the aim of ensuring a full and comprehensive implementation of all international instruments and standards of relevance for the prevention and combating of trafficking in persons and protection of and support for victims of trafficking; to work towards a comprehensive, coordinated and holistic approach to human trafficking, which is gender and age-sensitive and grounded in a human rights based-approach; and to promote effective and efficient use of existing resources, using, to the extent possible, mechanisms already in place at the regional and national level.


Latest Events

ICAT Publications

  • Chairs' Annual Report 2019

    The 2019 ICAT Chairs’ Annual Report

  • ICAT Factsheet 2020

    ICAT’s Factsheet providing an overview of its mandate, membership and latest work on countering trafficking in persons.

  • Issue Brief 8 - Non-Punishment of Victims of Trafficking (2019)

    Victims of trafficking are subjected to exploitation in various ways. Sometimes, as a result of their victimization, they engage in illegal conduct. This fact is then used by traffickers as a means of maintaining further control over their victims. This issue brief explores the non-punishment principle and identifies key considerations to inform the development of measures to better support its implementation.