Launch of the ICAT Overview Paper: The Next Decade

Event Date: 
Thursday, May 24, 2012
New York

Launch of the ICAT Overview Paper: The Next Decade

In May 2012, an interactive dialogue and thematic discussion was held at the UN in New York. It was hosted by ICAT and co-sponsored by the Mission of Sweden, together with the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). During this meeting, ICAT launched an overview paper: The Next Decade: Promoting Common Priorities and Greater Coherence in the Fight against Human Trafficking. The ICAT overview paper provides an introduction to five key issues related to human trafficking, serving as a basis for the five forthcoming issue papers.

Technical experts from the ICAT working group participated in a panel discussion. The following themes were discussed: The International Legal Framework around trafficking: critical intersection and complementary between different legal regimes; evaluating the impact of anti-trafficking responses; preventing trafficking in persons by addressing demand; addressing vulnerabilities at points of destination and origin; and providing effective remedies for trafficked persons.

The objectives for this event were to inform UN Member States of the common anti-TIP priorities identified by ICAT members and to create space for consultation and greater cohesion between actors. The event also highlighted the role and the work of ICAT in facilitating policy coordination between anti-TIP actors.

To read the opening remarks by the Chair of ICAT (2012) (presented by Dr. Nicholas Alipui - Director of Programmes, UNICEF), click here.